Paleo Scholarship

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The scholarship

We give out a $1,000 scholarship to one college student every year. To win the scholarship, apply by writing and sending an essay on healthy eating in college. Tell us about the ways you manage to eat healthy while living in a campus with fast food available at every corner. Perhaps you are following a specific diet or just avoiding harmful ingredients. Either way, we’re anxious to hear what you do to keep your body and mind fueled during your studies!


  • Write a 1,000-word essay on healthy eating for college students
  • Email it to us at
  • Mention ‘Paleo Scholarship’ in the subject line so we don’t miss your email
  • Include contact info – name, phone, address, email (your personal information is safe with us; we will never sell/rent/share it)
  • Deadline is February 20, every year
  • The winner will be informed by mail on February 21. The award will be sent by check
  • We will check your attendance at a specified college – you need to be a college student to enroll

Good luck to everybody.